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Blackbox Recorder, 24-Spur Recorder 24bit/96kHz, Aufzeichnung erfolgt auf handelüblicher USB 2.0 Festplatte (optional) im BWF Format, unsymmetrische analoge Ein/Ausgänge auf Sub-D + AES/EBU Schnittstelle
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The BLACKBOX RECORDER with Digital AES/EBU i/o enables audio capture via a digital mixing console with AES/EBU inputs and outputs. Three 25-way female D-type connectors, each carrying 8 channels of inputs and outputs, can be connected directly into the digital mixer to capture and return the signals without any additional A-D conversion, giving 12 stereo channels of AES/EBU inputs and 12 stereo channels of AES/EBU outputs. Analogue inputs are also still available (switchable). All other BlackBox Recorder features remain unchanged.

The AES/EBU interfaces can operate at up to 96kHz and conform to the AES standard (AES-3:2003). It is also still possible to chain multiple BBR1D units together to make larger multitrack recordings.


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