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Chromatisches Stimmgerät für Gitarre und Bass, farbiges LCD Display, 360° beweglich, Stimmung über eingebautes Mikrofon bzw. über den Clip, Flat Tuning/transponierbar, Kalibrierung von A 410 bis 490Hz, inkl. Batterie (CR2032)
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Tuner envy.

Samson’s CT20 Clip-On Tuner combines precision tuning capabilities with a hands-free design that makes accurately tuning guitars, basses, stringed, woodwind or brass instruments easier than ever.

Hands-free design

The CT20 attaches securely to the headstock of your guitar or bass, as well as a variety of other stringed and wind instruments, for hands-free tuning. A dual 360° ball-jointed clip stems from the rear of the tuner, allowing you to view the display at any angle. In addition, the tuner’s design includes a large, full color LCD display for quick tuning in any lighting environment. Whether you’re in a well-lit studio or on a dark stage, the CT20’s display brings vibrant colorization that makes all of the tuner’s functions beautiful and easy-to-read.

Precise and accurate tuning

With the goal of keeping your instruments sounding performance-ready at all times, the CT20 is packed with comprehensive tuning capabilities. It allows a wide range of calibration from A 410 to 490Hz, while its smooth, real-time display provides precise and accurate tuning. The unit offers chromatic, guitar and bass tuning modes, as well as a built-in mic for tuning your instruments via audible sound and a piezo (clip-on) sensor that calibrates by vibration. The CT20 also features a flat/drop tuning/transposition setting that allows you to easily tune down your instrument.

Energy-saving power

Powered by an included single CR2032 battery, the CT20 provides two operating modes for maximizing battery life. After 10 seconds of inactivity, the tuner automatically enters an energy-saving mode that dims the display without shutting off the tuner. After 5 minutes, the unit will power off completely.

Samson’s CT20 Clip-On Tuner’s compact design helps to make it the ultimate tuning accessory that every musician will want in their gig bag.


  • farbiges LCD Display
  • 360 Grad beweglich
  • Stimmung über eingebautes Mikrofon bzw. über den Clip
  • Flat Tuning/transponierbar
  • Kalibrierung von A 410 bis 490Hz
  • automatische Abschaltung
  • inkl. Batterie (CR2032)


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