Sigma Speaker Cable, Standard (Single Wire), 2.5M (Terminations required for the amplifier end and for the speaker end), stereo
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Sigma Series cables showcase technological innovation and design execution that simply does not exist elsewhere — at any price. Sigma Series cables combine meaningful parts innovations with objective measurement and an artisan’s eye for construction quality. Unlike many cost-no-object cable products that have little in the way of discernible science, Sigma Series products incorporate an array of definable technologies that sets the standard for quality and performance in the cable industry.

Shunyata Research’s Sigma Series is quite simply our highest performing speaker cable. Exclusive HARP technology reduces current resonances within the cable while ΞTRON® technology eliminates dielectric absorption distortion.
KPIP™ eliminates burn-in issues.

For all audio systems of excellence to enjoy the quintessence of your stereo system.


  • Wire: 6-gauge
  • Termination: Gold/copper or bare/copper terminals
  • Optional termination: STIS  Interchangeable Terminals
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