VX Engine

Multi-Studio Voip system. Delivery includes VX Producer Software and Broadcast Bionics xScreen Lite Softwares. Dual Redundant Power Supply. Up to 16 hybrids with up to 48 active calls
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VX is the world’s first VoIP (Voice over IP) talkshow system -- a broadcast phone system that’s so powerful it can run all of the on-air phones for your entire plant, but economical enough for stations with just two or three studios. VX connects to traditional POTS and ISDN telephone lines via standard Telco gateways. But it also connects to VoIP-based PBX systems and SIP Trunking services to take advantage of low-cost Internet-delivered phone services.

VX also weds modern networking to the remarkable power of digital signal processing. VX uses Ethernet as its connection backbone, significantly cutting the cost of phone system installation, maintenance and cabling. Ethernet is a powerful, yet simple way to share phone lines among studios and connect system components. This also makes VX naturally scalable, capable of serving even the largest of facilities -- while remaining surprisingly cost-effective for even single stations with more modest needs.

VX plugs right into Axia IP-Audio networks, connecting multiple channels of audio and control via a single CAT-5 cable. Don't have an IP-Audio network yet? No problem; optional VX interfaces break out audio into analog and digital formats, along with GPIO logic commands. And with informative new VSet phones, talent finds it easier than ever to take control of their callers, moving and sharing lines between studios at the touch of a button.

The VX Engine, a fan-free 2RU rack-mount device with enormous processing power, is the heart of the system. It provides all the call control and audio processing needed for the system, and supports up to 30 active calls on-air simultaneously, across as many as 20 studios. VX configuration is Web-based; any Web browser can be used for remote control and configuration.

The VX Engine’s DSP platform is so powerful, it provides a hybrid for every line, allowing multiple calls to be aired simultaneously with excellent quality, no matter what kind of line or phone the caller is using. Smart AGC coupled with Telos three-band adaptive Digital Dynamic EQ and a three-band adaptive spectral processor are part of the toolkit; send audio gets a frequency shifter, AGC/limiter and FhG’s Advanced Echo Cancellation technology to eliminate open-mic feedback. Call ducking and host override round out the package.

The VX Engine works with standard telco gateways from Patton, Cisco, Grandstream and others for traditional phone services, like T1/E1, ISDN, and POTS. For VoIP-based PBX or SIP Trunking telco service, VX uses standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol).


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