RCF - QPS 9600
Amplificateur de puissance professionnel de classe HD, 4 x 2200W RMS @4 ohm, 4 x 1300W RMS @ 8 ohm, 4 x 2400 W RMS @ 2 ohm, 19"/2U, 16 kg
Prix catalogue: CHF 3'670.00
Power Amplifiers
QPS 9600 is a 4 channel power amplifier that can handle exceptionally high power in a compact and lightweight 2 rack units space.

Thanks to the class HD technology, this amplifier delivers up to 4 x 2400 W RMS @ 2 Ohm (4800 W RMS bridged @ 4 Ohm), weighting just 16 kg.

It comes with switched mode power supply which ensures that a predominantly resistive load is presented to the mains power supply; this also leads to an improved amplifier performance at high output levels. Thanks to its high efficiency heat sinks and variable speed DC fans, the QPS 9600 can withstand the hardest heat conditions ensuring great reliability.
  Fast response and low distortion
  Easy to configure in stereo / mono / bridge modes
  Extensive protective circuits ensure high reliability and operating safety
  Front panel signal / clippings / protection/ temperature LED indicators
  Minimum load impedance (stereo / mono): 2 Ohm
  XLR input connectors
  SPEAKON output connectors
  Voltage clip switchable limiters
  Gain settings
  Hard / Soft limiter switches
  2 unit 19” rack, low weight for easy transportation
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