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2 independently programmable channels of voice processing, compression, equalization, de-essing, expander, highpass and lowpass filters, mic/line inputs and outputs, AES/EBU outputs, incl. software
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The microphone is a crucial link to the audience. The Voice Processor 2x brings rich and articulate enhancements to on-air talent.


  • A twofer. Two independently programmable channels of ultra-low latency digital mic processing in one rack space.
  • Bells and whistles. 2 mic/line inputs, word clock input, 2 mic/line outputs, 2 AES-3 outputs.
  • It takes a lot to make a killer radio voice. Compression, EQ, de-essing, downward expansion, high and low pass filters, waveform symmetry.
  • What’s your name? Named presets for each on-air personality – up to 50.
  • Say again? Recall presets from the front panel or remotely.


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