QOR.32 Core with 4 mic inputs, 16 stereo analogue inputs, 2 digital AES inputs, 8 stereo analogue outputs, 2 digital AES outputs, 8 GPIO ports with 5 I/O each, Ethernet switch with 6 100 Base T ports and 2 Gigabit SFP ports, power supply
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Matériel de démo, état de neuf / Vorführgerät, neuer Zustand

The QOR.32 integrated console engine is a DSP-based mixing engine with onboard I/O, GPIO, console power supply and custom-built, configuration-free Ethernet switch. You’ll find plenty of I/O, including mic inputs with selectable Phantom power, analog and AES/EBU inputs and outputs, plenty of GPIO machine-control logic ports, and that powerful integrated Ethernet switch with Livewire ports to add local sources, and Gigabit ports for networking with the rest of your plant. That’s a lot of I/O, but if you need more you can instantly add it just by plugging in Axia xNode audio interfaces. And QOR.32 is convection-cooled for utterly silent, fan-free operation.

Let’s take a look around back, shall we? You’ll find everything you need for an average, medium-sized studio: 4 mic inputs with selectable Phantom power, 16 stereo analog inputs and 8 stereo analog outputs, 2 AES/EBU inputs and 2 AES/EBU outputs, 8 GPIO machine-control logic ports (each with 5 opto-isolated inputs and 5 outputs).

There’s Livewire I/O as well: the QOR.32 has an integrated Ethernet switch with 6 Livewire 100BASE-T ports. 4 of those ports have PoE (Power over Ethernet) that you can use to connect and power networked devices compatible with the IEEE 802.1af PoE standard (like our xNode audio interfaces, or Telos VSet phones). You’ll also find 2 1000BASE-T Gigabit ports (RJ-45 & SFP) that you can use to connect to other studios. 4 CANBus ports provide for connection of up to 3 Axia iQ console frames, allowing construction of consoles up to 24 faders in size.

By the way, that zero-configuration Ethernet switch is built specifically to handle IP-Audio. No settings to tweak, no configuration code to upload – just plug it in and go. The built-in configurable network gateway allows loading sources from other studios, while simultaneously exporting audio streams for use elsewhere; the gateway can be configured for 12-in, 4-out or 8-in, 8-out modes. You can even daisy-chain up to four QOR-based studios directly, for a self-contained network that doesn’t require an external Ethernet switch. No other console company makes AoIP this easy.


  • Fanless design with heavy machined heat-sinks is completely silent in-studio.

  • Front-panel LED display monitors power and network status.

  • Telecom grade power supplies are designed for maximum uptime under harsh conditions.

  • Add an Axia Console Power Supply Backup to QOR.32 for dual-redundant power supply with automatic, seamless switching.

  • Built-in, zero-configuration network switch with Gigabit and SFP for long-distance fiber connection.

  • Large variety of built-in audio I/O boasts studio-grade audio performance specs.

  • Add more I/O a la carte using Axia xNodes.

  • Software upgrade adds AES67 support, allowing the QOR.32 integrated console engine to receive and transmit AES67 streams via Livewire+™.


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