Mezzo MKII Silver

Amplificateur de puissance stéréo 2x75W RMS, argent
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The Mezzo 140 is a high-quality compact power amplifier designed to partner with a number of products from our Choral range. It was conceived to offer generous levels of power within a stylish and attractive chassis. Developed from the original Mezzo designs, the Mezzo 140 features four of our ultra-high-frequency power supplies with unique drive circuitry, plus a massive additional bank of energy-storage capacitors.

Its configuration offers performance in line with our full-sized products including increased voltage swing, a greater dynamic range and the ability to cope with demanding loudspeaker loads. The Mezzo 140 is rated at 140 watts into 8 ohms, but for even greater headroom, the Mezzo 140 can be run in bridged mono mode with a second Mezzo 140, providing 280 watts into 8 ohms. An automatic bridging mode feature allows bridged mono operation without additional cables.

The amplifier is supplied with high-quality gold-plated WBT speaker binding posts and further features include two phase-shift toggle switches on the rear panel, one for each output, to account for various speaker configurations.


Output Power: 140w RMS per channel @ 0.016% distortion into 4Ω
Frequency Range: 5Hz – 100kHz +/- 0.5dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: Better than -103dB
Channel Separation: Better than 95dB
Input Impedance: 100kΩ Unbalanced/Balanced
Input Capacitance: <32pf
Output Inductance: 2.6μH
Slew Rate: 70v per μS 1kHz, 20v Square Wave
Gain: 30dB
Stability: Unconditional

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