Processeur audio DTV avec traitement de l'intensité sonore Aeromax, traitement des métadonnées, limiteur UIT et mesure UIT-R BS.1770-3 / EBU R128. Option Dolby non incluse. Logiciel de contrôle à distance
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Matériel de démo, état de neuf / Vorführgerät, neuer Zustand

Linear Acoustic® AERO.100 is a 1RU loudness management platform capable of hosting one or two AEROMAX® processing instances (at least one is required) providing real time adaptive wideband and/or multiband processing including an advanced ITU limiter. Output levels are consistent and compliant without compromising audio quality.

Our Hollywood-approved UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing algorithm creates engaging 5.1-channel audio from 2-channel sources and provides a downmix that is nearly indistinguishable from the original source.

Available configurations for each instance include AMX5.1 (one 5.1 channel and two 2-channel processing engines), AMX2.0 (three 2-channel processing engines, one with 5.1-channel downmixing) and AMX5x2 (five 2-channel processing engines). Flexible signal routing is provided for main and secondary audio programs plus EAS and local emergency audio insertion.

The first processing engine of any AMX instance can be optionally configured to include Dolby® Digital/Dolby Digital Plus transcoding. This provides decoding of Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus content to PCM for loudness processing and encoding to Dolby Digital/Dolby Digital Plus for transmission. Nielsen® watermark encoding is also optionally available including N2, N6, and CBET.

Designed and built in the USA, the AERO.100 platform itself supports 8 audio pairs via SDI I/O with SDI video delay and 4 pairs via AES. Failover bypass relays maintain signal continuity and dual auto-ranging power supplies enable redundancy and worldwide compatibility.

The included NfRemote software provides comprehensive control over system settings and processing parameters remotely from any PC including access to the built-in http server for automated control or retrieval of loudness logs. 


  • Compact, space-efficient 1RU loudness management platform
  • Capable of hosting one or two AEROMAX® processing instances in AMX5.1, AMX2.0 or AMX5x2 configurations
  • UPMAX®-II upmixing/downmixing with automatic detection and automatic downmix replacement
  • Advanced ITU limiter to ensure compliance with the strictest loudness regulations
  • Support for SAP/DVS
  • Local audio insertion/replacement for EAS and local emergency audio
  • Available Dolby® Digital/Dolby Digital Plus transcoding
  • Available Nielsen® watermark encoding including N2, N6, and CBET
  • Supports 8 audio pairs via SDI I/O with SDI video delay
  • Supports 4 audio pairs via AES
  • Dual power supplies and failover bypass relays
  • Extensive TCP/IP remote control and configuration via NfRemote or http


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