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ES 3080

Amplificateur 80W avec lecteur média (SD/USB) et bluetooth intégrés, entrée jack 3,5mm, 70/100V, 2 entrées microphone avec alimentation phantom
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ES 3080 is an 80 W mixer-amplifier with a MP3 player directly accessible on the front panel. It can read USB sticks, SD cards, has an auxiliary input port with 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth technology for the connection with external sources.

Moreover, it offers 2 mic-line audio inputs on removable connectors (the first input also has an XLR socket). Input 2 also has an RJ 45 port for quick connection of an RCF BM 3001 paging microphone (through CAT5 cable). The amplifier output is available either for low impedance speakers (min. 4 Ω) or 100 – 70 V constant voltage line (for speakers having 100 – 70 V transformers). Input 1 has a signal detection circuit (‘VOX’) for automatic priority. Inputs 1 and 2 can access the priority through an external command (connected to either the removable connector or the RJ 45 port). The MUSIC ON HOLD output directly sends the internal MP3 player signal to additional amplifiers, mixers, phone systems (‘music on hold’ function), etc. The PRE OUT output sends the signal (the same routed to the internal amplifier) to additional amplifiers. The 2 mic-line inputs have a high-pass filter (with a common on/off dip-switch) that are useful to improve speech intelligibility. The internal MP3 player and the AUX INPUT have tone controls (common for both). Front panel LEDs indicate the device state (ON, PROT), priority circuit enabled (PRIOR) and the signal level / peak (SIG/PK).


  • Audio source with 80W power amplifier
  • MP3 player controlled from the front panel
  • MP3 inputs: USB flash, SD card, AUX jack 3.5mm
  • Bluetooth connection with external devices.
  • 2 universal inputs on removable screw-terminals and 1 AUX input
  • Configurable priority settings, VOX facility on input 1
  • Auxiliary output MUSIC ON HOLD to send the audio signal to external amplifiers or telephone switchboards
  • PRE OUT connector for additional power amplifiers
  • HI-PASS control (inputs 1 and 2)
  • Auxiliary input on RCA connector and MP3 player equipped with independent tone controls (bass and treble) and gain
  • Status LEDs on the front panel (ON, PROT) giving a complete feedback on amplifier and power supply status.
  • LEDs on the front panel (PRIOR) indicating the priority circuit activity and the audio signal level (SIG/PK).
  • CHIME generator configurable as single or double tone
  • Rack mount kit for 2 units amplifiers included


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