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Microphone à condensateur cardioid à main, noir, membrane 12,7 mm monté sur suspension, livré avec bonnette, pince et coffret
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The CL5 is a studio condenser in a handheld package, making it an ideal selection for critical miking of vocals and instruments. With high SPL handling capabilities, this microphone's response is so detailed and open, it captures every nuance of a performance, like quiet acoustic passages, subtle breaths by a vocalist and of course, full-throated vocals in any style.Sensitivity, extended response and accuracy make the CL5 microphone an elegant selection for performers and a logical choice for engineers. The CL5 features a 12.7mm gold-sputtered capsule with a 3-micron tensioned diaphragm working with advanced head amp electronics to faithfully reproduce any sound source.Our careful implementation of advanced design and manufacturing technology results in an outstanding microphone with superb audio clarity, linear response and exceptional high frequency reproduction.The CL5 is a pressure gradient, true condenser with a super-cardioid pickup pattern and extended linear frequency response that operates on 48-volt phantom power. It includes a dual stage windscreen and comes in a durable carry case. The CL5 is available in a nickel finish.


  • Pressure gradient, true condenser
  • Extended linear frequency response
  • Super-cardioid pickup pattern
  • Three micron, gold-sputtered diaphragm
  • High SPL capability of 141 dB
  • Dual stage windscreen
  • 48-volt phantom power operation
  • Available in black finish
  • Comes in durable aluminum flight case
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