ZEPHYR XSTREAM Stereo transmit + receive,+ mixer, portable, ISDN terminal adapter, X21/V35 and Ethernet Interface, Analogue +AES/EBU In and Outputs
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The portable Zephyr Xstream MXP includes all the features of the Zephyr Xstream, plus a digital four-channel stereo mixer with two local mixes into a road-ready case for on-the-go broadcasting. The rugged shock-resistant case helps prevent bumps and bruisees, and an included flip-up metal stand tilts the unit up for the best viewing angle on desktops or whatever handy surface you're broadcasting from. The alpha-numeric dial pad also generates DTMF tones for navigation through voice menu systems.

The four-input stereo DSP mixer directly feeds the codec section; mic/line switchable inputs with pan include a preset mic limiter & AGC processing by Omnia; inputs 1 & 2 also have switchable 48-volt Phantom power. There's a front panel headphone jack for Local Mix 1 that monitors Send or Receive audio, or a mixture of the two. Local Mix 2 has separate front-panel controls for the three rear-panel headphone jacks, plust a pair of balanced XLR line outputs to feed guest phones or monitors.

zephyr-xstream-port-rearAround back, the Xstream Portable differs from the rackmount Xstream by its inclusion of 4 input connections plus headphone/monitor outputs. Both Zephyr Xstream models are fan-free for silent operation.


  • Ethernet ports for remote control via LAN or WAN, and for connection to your Livewire AoIP networks. Bring audio from any codec anywhere in the world directly to your Axia network.
  • Auto Receive mode quickly determines the correct coding algorithm for incoming audio streams.
  • MPEG AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) permits true CD-quality stereo transmission with a connection speed of just 128 kbps. Exclusive Error Concealment technology prevents occasional network glitches from being heard.
  • Low-Delay MPEG AAC-LD coding: crystal-clear audio quality and greatly reduced encoding delay for smooth, natural bidirectional remotes.
  • MPEG Layer-3 coding for compatibility with the largest number of third-party codecs.
  • Unique Dual Receive mode when using MPEG Layer-3 allows reception of independent audio streams arriving from two distant ISDN lines – great for bilingual broadcasts.
  • RS-232 and 8-input, 8-output parallel ports provide ancillary data and bi-directional contact closures.
  • Hand-in-glove operation with companion Zephyr Xport portable codec for reception of 15kHz audio using a POTS field connection.
  • Includes V.35/X21 option allows connection to serial synchronous data equipment, for use with dedicated lines, Switched 56 circuits or satellite services.
  • N/ACIP compliant for compatibility with the widest range of ISDN codecs.
  • Convenient ISDN Voice Telephone Mode allows standard G.711 phone calls right from your Zephyr Xstream


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