MIKA Microphone Arm Black XL 108cm (54x54), built-in 1,2m cable (no connector), with OnAir Lamp
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m!ka stands for tidy and well organised workspaces. m!ka keeps your desktop clean by hiding most of your cables and reducing the number of mounting points. You will be amazed how much more room for your ideas there is to gain. m!ka provides you with many more options than other systems. Feel free to combine its elements and to mount them wherever you want. There's no better way to mount.

Some like the dark, while others are into the fashionable metallic look. No matter what you prefer, m!ka offers you what you long for. The whole system is available in aluminum and black.

Let m!ka become your microphone's reliable companion. Mount its clamp to the standard 5/8" thread and hook it up via the arm's inboard mic cable. The arms are pre-weighted to fit most standard microphones. Whenever needed you can fine balance the arm by adjusting the internal spring system. Even heavy microphones can be perfectly counterbalanced for untroubled use. Let the show begin.

Each m!ka model is available in two versions, either with or without 'On Air' indicator. Enjoy to find your  indicator exactly where you need it: just above your microphone. The 360° signalling light is doubtlessly telling anybody around that you are On Air.

Why indicate On Air only? In addition to the prominent red for On Air indication you get white, too. Use it, for instance, to indicate that your mic is ready. To do so, simply reverse the polarity of the drive voltage and toggle between red and white signaling.


  • max range 42.3“ (107.5cm)
  • weight 3.20 lbs net (1.45kg)
  • max mic weight 4.41 lbs (2kg)
  • comes with open cable ends
  • (XLR connectors are not included)
  • YT3305 aluminum „on air“
  • YT3705 black „on air“
  • YT3301 aluminum
  • YT3701 black


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