AXIA Quasar Engine RPS

Quasar Engine RPS Base (16-Channel)

CHF 12'259.00

D&R 60890401

Unité d'extension de 6 fader AXITE

CHF 1'059.00


Advanced Mobile DAB/DAB+ Radio Analyzer

CHF 3'540.00


Multichannel Audio Processing and Interfacing Device, includes one instance of Jünger Audio flexAI core license for use as a router and audio format converter for up to 256x256 audio channels in and out

CHF 7'579.00

RTW TouchControl 5 Basic

Appareil de table configurable par l'utilisateur avec écran tactile 5" et interface Dante® AoIP 32 canaux et 4 canaux audio dans la version de base

CHF 1'468.00

D&R 80911781

Airlab-DT 16-frame (pour 16 mod. y compris la section maître / alimentation / compteurs logiciels

CHF 7'619.00

TELOS Telos iPort High-Density License Pack

Each single-unit license adds eight bi-directional stereo codecs, configurable to run in MPEG(AAC) or Linear PCM mode

CHF 5'319.00

OMNIA Omnia Forza Multiband Processor - Buyout

Forza is built from the ground up for streaming audio and includes an integrated, target-driven ITU-R BS.1770 loudness controller, expertly crafted presets rest on a ground-breaking UI simple enough for non-experts but powerful enough for experienced users, efficient CPU utilization makes it ideal for high-density applications, API available

CHF 1'319.00


2 Channel, Analog Audio Monitor, 1RU

CHF 1'599.00


Professional FM/DAB/DAB+ Moniroting Receiver

CHF 3'540.00

AXIA 2001-00604

17-Button LCD SmartSwitch Panel (POE and RackMount)

CHF 4'129.00

JÜNGER AUDIO D*AP4 - Dual Stereo Audio Processor with Level Magic

Jünger Audio D*AP4 LM is a professional 4 channel digital audio processor with a set of audio processing licenses

CHF 6'749.00

OMNIA Omnia .9sg Stereo Generator

Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator (with Auxiliary Input Processing)

CHF 6'469.00


MIKA Microphone Arm Black XL 108cm (54x54), built-in 1,2m cable, with OnAir Lamp, with XLR connectors installed

CHF 558.00

RTW TouchMonitor TM3-3G Smart

Moniteur tactile 4,3 pouces à 8 canaux en tant qu'appareil de table avec unité d'affichage tactile capacitive, boîtier d'interface déporté (2 m) et bloc d'alimentation, E/S SDI 3G et sorties AES3

CHF 2'768.00

D&R 60890295

Airlite-USB MK2 console radio On-Air 8 canaux à triple entrée avec 3x MIC, 4x USB et 1x VOIP

CHF 2'419.00

TELOS Hx1 Hybrid AES I/O

Third-generation Telos hybrid for superior audio quality, universal POTS interface features disconnect-signal detection, includes Auto-Answer with selectable ring count, switchable mic/line input, call screening, and line-hold features, front-panel send and receive audio metering, analog I/O standard; AES/EBU I/O with automatic sample rate conversion optional. Auto-ranging power supply, 90 – 132 / 187 – 264 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz, 100 Watts, rackmount,1 RU,

CHF 1'519.00

AXIA Quasar MF1-ACC Module

Accessory Module which can be mounted in tabletops or turrets, two operating modes are available: Studio Guest Position control, or Channel Strip control, dimensions: Connects using PoE CAT-5 cable. 6”x 4”, requires 2” mounting depth

CHF 1'899.00


Enable monitoring of Dolby® Atmos, D, DD+, E & ED2 streams. Requires software activation key. Only available for the iAM-12G-SDI

CHF 7'399.00

JÜNGER AUDIO X*AP Remote One - Universal Control Panel

Remote One Universal Control Panel can control up to four Jünger Audio Slim Line (D*AP) or MMA devices via a simple Ethernet connection, requires Jünger Audio D*AP4, D*AP8, EASY LOUDNESS or MMA series devices on the network

CHF 2'649.00
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