AXIA Pathfinder Core PRO Broadcast Controller

Pathfinder Core PRO - Axia Router Control System, 1 RU frame, Dual Power Supply

CHF 10'049.00

OMNIA Omnia MPX Node Encoder

First purpose-built hardware codec capable of sending or receiving full FM signals at data rates as low as 320 kbps, utilizing the Omnia µMPX™ algorithm. The Encoder takes an analog composite FM signal as its input and converts it to a rout-able IP stream, MPX Node''s HTML 5 web GUI makes for simple browser based control using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 5 in, 5 out GPIO supports flexible remote control. Has two output streams by default. Cool running 1/2 RU form factor, and 12V external power with locking connector

CHF 2'229.00


Professional IP audio decoder

CHF 1'490.00

RTW SW32010

Licence de monitoring, permet d'utiliser le 32500 avec de nombreuses fonctionnalités pour le monitoring en format mono à 22.2 surround.

CHF 768.00

D&R 60881687

Témoin lumineux d'enregistrement incluant l'adaptateur électrique

CHF 199.00


Contrôle des signaux lumineux à l'antenne, les signaux originaux sont bouclés, câble USB-C, adaptateur : pour GPI/os et USB-C vers USB-A, avec hush Remote

CHF 548.00

AXIA Quasar Rack-Mount Power Supply

Quasar Rack-Mount PSU solution for standalone surface modules, 2RU

CHF 3'679.00

TELOS Telos Alliance AES/EBU xNode

Digital AES/EBU Compact Livewire xNode, 4 stereo inputs & 4 stereo outputs or 8 mono inputs and 8 mono outputs - AC Power + Power Over Ethernet (PoE), supplied with rackmount adapter

CHF 2'449.00

OMNIA Z/IPStream R1† Audio Processor/Encoder

Z/IPStream R/1 combines audio processing with MP3 and AAC encoding in one convenient single-rack unit, along with dual-stream encoding for simultaneous output of high and low bitrate streams, or of different encoding methods

CHF 2'949.00

D&R 60898519

Contrôleur visuel pour DJ CamCon

CHF 749.00

JÜNGER AUDIO Level Magic License for D*AP8

Level Magic License. Requires Jünger Audio D*AP8 Audio Processor

CHF 1'079.00

AXIA Altus WebRTC Monitor

Altus WebRTC monitor License enables the output streams of an Altus console to be configured as webRTC streams

CHF 209.00


Moniteur 16 canaux, triple écran, 3G-SDI et audio analogique, avec support optionnel 2022-7, plus des options de licence pour des signaux d'entrée supplémentaires.

CHF 6'179.00


Basic RDS/RBDS Encoder

CHF 630.00

TELOS Telos iPort High-Density

Telos iPort High Density transports multiple channels of stereo, mono, and dual-mono audio across IP networks, including private WANs, IP-radio links, and over good-quality Public Internet connections, comes with eight bi-directional stereo codecs, configurable to run in multiple MPEG or linear PCM modes

CHF 9'359.00

JÜNGER AUDIO D*AP4 VAP - Voice Audio Processor

Jünger Audio D*AP4 VAP is a two channel voice processor. It includes a separate stereo program path for automatic mixing of voice and program signals.

CHF 4'459.00

RTW TouchMonitor TM9 : Main units

TouchMonitor TM9 avec écran 9", pied de table et bloc d'alimentation, logiciel de base 4 canaux

CHF 4'398.00

D&R 60882103

Ligne D/A RJ45 (8xMono ou 4xStereo, 8xGPIO)

CHF 389.00


iXm Pro Reporter Microphone with built-in Recorder, Yellowtec super cardioïd capsule included, Line in, Headphone out, USB mini, exchangeable SD card, Li-Ion accumulator, compartment for 3 x AA batteries. 2GB SD Card included.

CHF 998.00


1RU single 7" touchscreen, 8 channel Audio monitor with 8 channel metering(AES & Analog only)

CHF 3'079.00
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