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AXIA Quasar Engine Base

Quasar Engine Base (16 Channel)

CHF 6'719.00


2 Channel Audio Monitoring and Metering for 3G-SDI, AES3 and Analog audio inputs. 1RU.  Simple front panel controls with bright displays and meters.

CHF 2'239.00

D&R 60890300

Airence-USB MAIN UNIT 6 ch. triple entrée console On-Air/Production avec 4x USB, 2x TELCO

CHF 3'149.00


UECP Compatible RDS/RBDS Encoder with LAN, USB & RS-232 Connectivity

CHF 1'310.00

JÜNGER AUDIO D*AP8 FLX - 8 Channel Surround Audio Processor

D*AP8 FLX is an 8 channel professional digital audio processor with customizable software and hardware options. Users can choose from several optional processing licenses, codecs and I/O modules

CHF 6'949.00

RTW TouchMonitor TMR7

TouchMonitor TMR7 avec écran 7", pied de table et bloc d'alimentation, logiciel de base 4 canaux, ntrées/sorties numériques 4 canaux (2 x XLR-F, 2 x XLR- M)

CHF 3'328.00

D&R 60890310

Webstation-USB Console radio On-Air 6 canaux à triple entrée avec 2x MIC, 3x USB et 1x VOIP

CHF 1'639.00

TELOS VX Enterprise VoIP Talkshow System

Multi-Studio Voip system. Dual Redundant Power Supply. Up to 24 hybrids with up to 60 active calls (upgradable to up tp 120 Hybrids)

CHF 12'299.00

OMNIA Z/IPStream R/20 with 3-Band Processing (Two Streams)

R/20 is the latest generation of streaming audio hardware in the Z/IPStream family. R/20 can simultaneously support between two and eight channels of processing and encoding in a compact 1RU chassis

CHF 9'499.00


1RU single 7" touchscreen, 16 channel Dual input 3G/HD-SD/SDI audio monitor with video. Includes a pair of analog inputs and outputs on XLR. OPT-Dolby N/A for iVAM-SUM16

CHF 6'479.00


Digital silence monitor with MP3 and IP audio backup players

CHF 1'810.00

AXIA Quasar Soft License

Customizable remote control solution that lets you control the Quasar surface from your browser, possible to generate up to eight HTML5 pages (including Quasar Cast instances) and configure them to display any of the 64 Input channels, plus a small monitor section, or even the entire master section of the console

CHF 2'029.00


Set m!ka incuding Monitorarm XS (YT3631), Monitorarm XL (2x YT3629), On Air Mikrofonarm M (YT3605), Connecteurs XLR-3 et XLR-5 (YT3224), System Pole M (YT3643), System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit (YT3245), black

CHF 1'418.00

D&R 60883071

Rack 19" 2x 3HE + fond de panier pour 40 positions de cartes d'E/S/slot

CHF 2'319.00

TELOS Telos Alliance GPIO xNode

GPIO Compact Livewire xNode wit 6 GPIO ports - AC Power + Power Over Ethernet (PoE), supplied with rackmount adapter

CHF 2'239.00

AXIA Quasar SR-4FAD Module

4-Channel non-motorized fader component of a Quasar SR Console, up to 7x SR-4FAD modules can be fitted in a single, (8.5U) frame, for a total of 28 faders, it features customizable avionics-grade user buttons throughout the module, four 1.44" TFT IPS Displays, 4x Touch-Sensitive high-quality encoders with detents, 4x Touch-Sensitive high-quality faders, and RGB color coding Strips on each fader, 1U wide

CHF 3'129.00


Self-Powered Half-Rack (9.5") Speaker System, 2 Channel, 2 XLR Inputs. A, B, or A+B Summing Selection. With RE-1 mounting kit

CHF 1'449.00

AXIA Quasar SmartKey Module 24 Buttons

Quasar SmartKey Module with 24 LCD buttons is a 2-channel-wide (one-half the width of a fader module) surface module for Axia Quasar XR and SR control surfaces (Factory Installed)

CHF 2'339.00


FM & MOD Analyzer, RDS decoder, built-in GPS receiver for signalcoverage survey

CHF 1'370.00

RTW TouchMonitor TM9 : Main units

TouchMonitor TM9 avec écran 9", pied de table et bloc d'alimentation, logiciel de base 4 canaux

CHF 4'618.00
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