AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00331

Fusion Call Controller + 2-Fader module

CHF 2'699.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00330

Fusion Motorized 4-Fader module

CHF 3'719.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00329

Fusion 4-Fader module

CHF 2'659.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00484

Boîtier du module d'interface encastrable Fusion - Utilisé pour abriter la carte d'interface Fusion et conçu pour être installé sous le comptoir - carte ETH4CAN incluse

CHF 1'129.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00578

Quasar BL-2CH Blank Module (2 faders wide)

CHF 269.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00326

Fusion 28 position mainframe

CHF 3'179.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00325

Fusion 24 position mainframe

CHF 3'069.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00323

Fusion 20 position mainframe

CHF 2'909.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00320

Fusion 12 position mainframe

CHF 2'699.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 2001-00577

Quasar BL-1CH Blank Module (1 fader wide)

CHF 149.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 3002-00005

Pathfinder Core PRO Add-On 500 License

CHF 2'159.00

AXIA LIVEWIRE 3002-00004

Pathfinder Core PRO Add-On 100 License

CHF 809.00


DB 9000 DSP-based stereo & RDS Encoder module

CHF 190.00


Cable Clamp for Monitor Arm and Microphone Arm (10 cps)

CHF 39.00


Aero.10 1RU loudness management platform for PCM audio only hosting 1 AEROMAX AMX process instance. 8 audio pairs via SDI, 4 pairs via AES, and one 2-ch signal via bal analog I/O. Licenses for AMX5.1, AMX 5x2, and AMX2.0 confiig incl.

CHF 6'689.00


Aero.2000 2RU loudness management platform, one or two AEROMAX AMX audio process instances. Supports 8 audio pairs via SDI & 4 pairs via AES. Dolby® transcoding optional. Requires a minimum of 1 AMX audio process engine (not included)

CHF 7'929.00


AERO.8000 1RU loudness management platform, up to eight AEROMAX AMX audio processing instances via Livewire+ AES67 AoIP interface. Dolby® transcoding optional. Requires a minimum of 1 AMX audio process engine + a Livewire+ AES67 I/O interface such as the Telos Alliance SDI xNode.

CHF 7'389.00

OMNIA Z/IPStream R1† Audio Processor/Encoder

Telos Z/IPstream R1 Streaming Audio Encoder - combines audio processing with MP3 and AAC encoding in one convenient single-rack unit. Analog, AES/EBU and Livewire I/O's.

CHF 2'479.00


PUC2 LEA - Microphone Carte son USB avec moteur LEA DSP pour le contrôle automatique du niveau, USB 2.0 Full Speed, 24bit/192kHz, pilote ASIO+WDM, AES-3 in/out, Mic In avec fantôme, alimentation externe YT4290 incluse

CHF 858.00

LINEAR ACOUSTIC ARC Television Loudness Processor

1RU Television Loudness Processor for 2-channel PCM audio, Linear Acoustic APTO® loudness adaptation technology. 2-channel stereo or mono programs inc. EBU R128 I/O: 1 AES-3, HD/SD-SDI, AES67/SMPTE ST 2110-30

CHF 4'529.00
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